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art made by me in 2016

Starwhal and Catstronaut

Bigfoot's Coffee Break -- SOLD!!

Keyboard Kitty -- SOLD!!

Close Encounters of the Snow Kind -- SOLD!!

Krampus meets Charlie Brown -- SOLD!!

Clash of the Wild Things

It's Alive!


Book of the Dead -- SOLD!!

Zombies go Gnome -- SOLD!!

donnie darko Frank -- SOLD!!

spaced out - SOLD

L'eggo my Pieces -- SOLD!!

Food Fight! - SOLD

Myrtle the Merlot Mermaid -- SOLD!!

Mushroom Donkey Kong

Creepy Cookout -- SOLD!!

Infinite Weirdness

Pink Droid -- SOLD!!

Ghost Busted

Dwarf Donut Delivery

Beer Dragon -- SOLD!!

Beer Octopus -- SOLD!!

Bigfoot River - SOLD!!

one of a kind, hand painted wood cutouts -- selling at ECCC 2016 -- Arpil 7-10 in Seattle! Look for them at booth 4104 on the 6th floor.

rick and morty -- SOLD!!

Deadpool at the Beach -- SOLD!!

Skeletor Loves You

Tie Dye Fighter -- SOLD!!

Cartoon Explosion

Wendigo -- SOLD!!

Ziggy Stardust -- SOLD!!

The Truth is WAY out there - SOLD

Art show at Revolutions Espresso - Greenlake, Seattle

Art show at Biscuit Bitch - Jan 2016

2 Cups of Coffee Octopus -- SOLD!!

Hong Kong Chewie