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Koopa Killer

Godzilla vs Stay Puft -- SOLD!!

Grumpy Xmas - SOLD

Wood Stove-Bot -- SOLD!!

Jolly Jackalope

Chillin Chameleon

Pumpkin Pickin

Four Fiends

Deadly Dolls -- SOLD!!

Ewok's Legos -- SOLD!!

Ice Cream Dragon -- SOLD!!

Zombie Skateboard

Bat Cymbals - SOLD

Laura's Little Secrets - SOLD

JP Patches & Gertrude -- SOLD!!

Stoned Gnome - SOLD

Bearly Sober - SOLD

burger mouth - SOLD

Oc-totoro-pus - SOLD

Quad Shot Mocha Sloth - SOLD

Fish N Chips - SOLD

Orco on an Orca -- SOLD!!

Robot's Feathered Friend - SOLD

Cookie Monster

Jurassic Pork -

Easter Island UFO

Starwhal & the Catstronauts

Lil' Kaijus - SOLD

Smoked Out Bear - SOLD

zombie! - SOLD

Not the Hobbits you're Looking For... -- SOLD

Hot Stuff - SOLD

Laputa to Nausicaa - SOLD