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artwork created by me in 2015

Seattle Monster Attack! -- SOLD!!

Yodeling Yoda -- SOLD!!

Panda and a pair of Penguins

Sweaty Sweater Yeti

Beaver Lumberjack

Capy Barbarian and Red Panda

Purple Crab

yellow fish

Hell Comes to Frogtown

Science Trek -- SOLD!!

Vader vs Rancor

Hockey Mask Bat

vampire head

zombie head

medusa head

frankenstein face

Immortan's Minions

Potion Overdosin -- SOLD!!

Pizza Gnome -- SOLD!!

Raccoon Mario

Audrey's Cherry -- SOLD!!

Agent Cooper and a llama -- SOLD!!

Tiki Dog -- SOLD!!

Slow Loris on a Tortoise

Sushi Cat -- SOLD!!

Glittercorn -- SOLD!!

Pel Meni Dumplings Poster


Bigfoot Festival

Heads and Tails

Keytar Bigfoot -- SOLD!!

Jackalope Drummer

The Empire Drinks PBR -- SOLD!!

2 Headed Sloth -- SOLD!!

Cryptid Poker -- SOLD!!

Jackalope Cowgirl

Cupcake Dog -- SOLD!!

Franken Gumby -- SOLD!!

uniCorndog -- SOLD!!

Bunny -- SOLD!!

Goat Sucker

Frozen Batman -- SOLD!!

Loch Ness Selfie -- SOLD!!

Looking For Luck

Wonder Woman -- SOLD!!

desert nightmares

Krylon Cylon

Blacklight Bender -- SOLD!!

Franken Zappa