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coffee octo - SOLD

Rat City Roller Rat

Unicorn-bot - SOLD

bigfoot kegger - SOLD

cupcake monster - SOLD

Chevy Monkey - SOLD

Xmas Tree Squirrel Attack - SOLD

A nightmare comes to Christmas Town - SOLD

Krampus visits Whoville - SOLD

Yeti vs Snowpig -- SOLD!!

Dragon S'mores -- SOLD!!

Cat-O-Lantern - SOLD

Cthulhu and Aqua-Man -- SOLD!!

Rainier reindeer -- SOLD!!

Lucha-Cabra - SOLD

Fez Monkey

blue tongued devil - SOLD


It's LOG!! - SOLD

That Gum You Like... SOLD

Bat-Kid - SOLD

The Owls are Not What They Seem - SOLD

Bigfoot Lebowski - SOLD

Dominatrix Smurfette - SOLD

Snoopy the Pimp

Punk Unicorn! - SOLD

Mickeys mouse - SOLD

R2-D20 - SOLD

Party Girl Kali - SOLD

Swine Trek: TNG - SOLD

Kittie and Elmo dance - SOLD

Slinky Hound vs Demon Cube

Franken-Gumby - SOLD

Mr. Leather Head - SOLD

Cenobite Monkey - SOLD

Buffy the Vampire - SOLD

Snork eating pork with a Spork - SOLD